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WinLeb uses Leased Line Access to give you a business connection that also enables access to the WinLeb IP Network. This contains a range of business solutions that you can purchase - such as web hosting, Virtual Private Networks and Hosted Applications


Leased Line Access
Leased Line Access is ideal for businesses that use their data networks for applications needing constant bandwidth and maximum up-time - as an alternative to a one-size-fits-all standard fixed line business connection.
Once your Leased Line is installed you can then choose an access package that will fit your speed and bandwidth requirements.
Leased Line Access provides a highly efficient and cost-effective business Internet access solution in its own right.

Leased lines offer a number of significant advantages over more traditional dial-up connections:

• Non-contention - A leased line is 100% dedicated to your exclusive use.
• Security - A dedicated leased line is private, and therefore secure
• Reliability and resilience – A leased line is backed by Service Level Agreements and is monitored 24x7x365 to       guarantee performance.
• Symmetric – Upload and download speeds are the same.
• Cost control – The monthly rental charge is fixed and doesn’t vary with unpredictable usage.
• Permanence – The connection is always on.