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Mobi is true mobile wide area broadband service provided by Cedarcom. It offers to residential and corporate users high speed Internet connection anytime, anywhere.

You no longer need to search for a "hot spot" providing Internet connectivity. With Mobi  mobile broadband Internet, Lebanon is your hot spot! You are connected by simply connecting one of Mobi Modems to your notebook or Desktop PC. No need for wires, WiFi internet cafes, or paying extra fees! A Mobi Modem and an account with a Mobi Internet Service Provider is all you need.

Mobi wireless connectivity uses radio waves instead of copper phone lines. It makes broadband internet access easy at any time or place and puts forward a new kind of portability and freedom that traditional wired networks cannot offer. Compared to all other wireless services, Mobi provides faster speeds that rival conventional DSL, superior security and a more reliable, wider range of coverage for wireless access to the Internet.

The end result is a unique user experience driven by freedom, high speed, security and innovation that only Mobi services can provide!


Plans and Packages:


Max Speed DL/UL

Monthly Quota


Buy 5 & get 1 FREE

save 20%

Buy 10 & get 3 FREE

save 30%

1M /256 Kbps

5 GB




1M /256 Kbps

8 GB




1M /256 Kbps

10 GB




1M /256 Kbps

12 GB




Prices do not include VAT